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Full-Time Employee Handbook
Other Core Benefit Programs

Worker’s Compensations protects you and your family in case of personal injury or death caused by a work-related accident while you are on the job.  The College provides this benefit at no cost to you.

Reporting Accidents


You must report immediately to your supervisor any accident you have at work.  He or she will report the accident to the regional Human Resources Administrator.  Prompt reporting is necessary to facilitate your claim and prevent your claim from being denied.  The filing of a claim does not guarantee comparability.  Worker’s Compensation Claim paperwork can be found in the Employee Services tab of Campus Connect.

Medical Care


If you qualify for Worker’s Compensation, you may be compensated for medical attention, including hospital care.  The College has the right to direct medical care in the state of Indiana.  If you have had an accident, you must go the designated facility for your location.  Your regional Human Resources Department has a list of the designated facilities.  If you do not follow the proper steps regarding medical care, reimbursement may be denied.  The College supports a return-to-work program.

Reporting Time Off for Treatment


Certain rules apply to recording time off if you have follow-up appointments related to your Worker’s Compensation injury.

  If the designated facility at your location is open outside of your normal working hours, you should seek treatment outside of your normal working hours.  If you decide to seek treatment during your normal working hours, you must report the time off as sick leave or, if your sick leave has been exhausted, vacation leave may be used to remain in “pay status”.
  If the designated facility in your region is NOT open outside of your normal working hours, you may go to the appointment without using any of your accrued leave and receive pay for time out of the office for the visit.



You may be eligible for compensation of lost wages for a temporary disability or total disability.  You must be off work for seven working days before disability payments are paid under Worker’s Compensation. Disability payments begin on the eighth day you are required to be off work.  Time off must be substantiated by a doctor’s release.  During the seven day waiting period, you must use your sick leave or, if sick leave has been exhausted, vacation leave may be used to remain in “pay status”.  If your injury requires you to be off work for 21 days or more, compensation for the seven day waiting period is available through Worker’s Compensation and payment for the waiting period must be signed over to the College if sick leave or vacation leave was used to remain in “pay status”.  The appropriate leave used for the waiting period will be credited back accordingly.

Ivy Tech offers three options you can choose from regarding how payments will be handled:  1) payment through the College, 2) payment through the Worker’s Compensation Carrier, or, 3) payment through the Worker’s Compensation carrier and the College, not to exceed 100% of your pre-injury earnings.  See you regional Human Resources Administrator for more information on payment options.

Returning to Work


While you are receiving Worker’s Compensation disability payments, you are considered to be on Disability Leave.  Family Medical Leave (FML) runs concurrent with Worker’s Compensation when an injury requires you to be off work 10 or more working days.  In order to return to work after your recovery, you will need a doctor’s statement certifying that you may return to work, either with or without restrictions.  A doctor will release you to work once you have reached Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI).


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