Ivy Tech Foundation


Giving back a little can change lives!

The Ivy Tech Foundation is a not-for-profit organization established to direct contributions to provide support for the students and programs of Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana. The Foundation, organized in 1969, has contributed greatly to the statewide growth and development of the College. It continues to provide services where needed, especially in the area of financial support for Ivy Tech students.

Historically, staff and faculty have been tremendous supporters of the cause of the foundation through cash gifts and payroll deductions. Last year, over 1100 Ivy Tech employees provided financial support for Foundation activities. Many participate in the 1% giving club, knowing that it is not how much you give, but giving in proportion to what you have that matters. Payroll deduction is an easy and painless way to give. Gifts can be directed for use in areas of greatest need, or restricted to the uses of a particular Region, instructional site, or program area. All gifts to the Foundation qualify as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes as well as for special Indiana income tax credit.

More than $68 million in private donations has been received by the Foundation in the past five years. Donors have enthusiastically provided funds for student financial assistance, laboratory equipment and upgrades, and capital projects to renovate facilities, build buildings, and create new campuses across the State. Support for faculty training, staff development, and new programs associated with community college programming have also been targeted Foundation efforts.

For further information about the Ivy Tech Foundation and its programs, contact your Regional Executive Director of Development, or the Executive Director of the Foundation at (317) 921-4851.

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