Health and Dental Care Programs



The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) of 1985, as amended, requires that continuation coverage is offered to employees and their dependents in most situations when they would otherwise lose coverage under the College’s health, dental, vision plans, and the General Purpose Medical Flexible Spending Account and the Limited Purpose Medical Flexible Spending Account under the Flexible Benefit Program.

For additional information about your rights and obligations under federal law regarding COBRA continuation coverage under Ivy Tech’s plans, please contact your regional Human Resources Administrator.

Electing COBRA Coverage

To obtain continuation coverage, an eligible individual must elect it on a form provided by Ivy Tech’s designated COBRA administrator.  The period to elect COBRA benefits begins on the date coverage is lost and ends 60 days after the later of:     


the date the eligible individual would lose coverage due to the qualifying event; or


the date the COBRA notice is sent by Ivy Tech’s COBRA administrator.


The election form explains the terms and payments for coverage.  Your election is considered to be made on the date you send the election form to Ivy Tech’s COBRA administrator.

After returning the election form, you will receive a notice specifying:


the amount of your monthly premium,


to whom the premium is to be paid, and


the date each monthly payment is due.


You are responsible for paying the entire monthly cost of continuation coverage.  Failure to pay premiums on a timely basis will result in termination of coverage as of the date the premium is due.  Payment of any premium (other than the initial one – see below) will be considered "timely" only if it is made within 30 days after the due date.

The initial premium payment, which is for the time period between the date of the qualifying event and the date you elected COBRA coverage, must be made within 45 days after the date of election.  Failure to pay this initial premium by the due date will result in cancellation of coverage back to the initial date coverage would have been terminated.

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