Health and Dental Care Programs


Employee Eligibility

If you fit into one of the categories below, you are eligible to enroll in any one of the College’s two health care plans and either of the two dental care plans.


Faculty – employed as a full-time, benefits-eligible faculty member with Ivy Tech, working at leaste 80% FTE, and generally contracted on a 9-month (Academic Year) basis for the Fall and Spring semesters, and offered a minimum of a 50% Summer contract (including summer extended appointments) if enrollment is sufficient. 


Support employees – employed on an hourly basis as full-time, benefits-eligible support staff with Ivy Tech, working at least 80% FTE, and is scheduled to work a minimum of 32 hours per week in a position that is typically staffed year-round on an on-going basis.


Administrative employees – employed on a salaried basis as full-time, benefits-eligible administrative staff with Ivy Tech, working ate least 80% FTE, and is usually scheduled to work a minimum of 32 hours per week in a position that is generally staffed year-round on a continuing basis. 

  You may also enroll your eligible dependents for coverage. Each eligible employee may choose employee, employee plus spouse, employee plus child(ren), or family coverage within 31 days of the date of becoming a full-time, benefits-eligible employee or during the annual open enrollment period.

Dependent Children

Dependent children are eligible for coverage to the end of the month in which the child reaches age 26.  A dependent child may continue coverage through the Plan(s) beyond the end of the month in which the child reaches age 26 if the child is a dependent under the Plan(s) prior to reaching the age of 26, or is the dependent child of a newly hired employee, and is "permanently and totally disabled." An employee wishing to cover a disabled dependent child past the limiting age must provide written proof of the child’s incapacity, certified by a physician, within 120 days of the child attaining age 26 to the regional Human Resources Administrator or designee (such as Anthem) as directed by the College.     

Working Spouse Rule

If your spouse is employed and is eligible for employer-sponsored health and/or dental coverage (i.e., preventive care, major medical, prescription drug, preventive dental, major restoration for dental) at his or her place of employment, your spouse will not be entitled to primary coverage under the Ivy Tech plans.  If your spouse elects to enroll in his or her employer’s health and/or dental plans for at least "employee only" coverage, then your spouse may also be covered by the College’s plans on a secondary coverage basis, with the exception of the Humana/CompBenefits DHMO Plan. 

However, your spouse may receive primary coverage under the Ivy Tech plans if he or she is:




Retired, not actively employed and not covered as a retiree through his or her former employer,

  Self-employed and does not have access to group health or dental plans

Employed, but does not currently have access to a group health or dental plan,


Employed, but the group health or dental plan available through his or her employer does not provide preventive care, major medical, prescription drug, preventive dental, or major restoration for dental coverage, or


Employed, but your spouse’s employer does not pay at least 50% of the premium expense for “employee only” coverage in the group health plan available.


In order to receive primary or secondary coverage under the College’s health and/or dental plans for your spouse, you must file a completed Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana New Hire or Newly Eligible Questionnaire for Health and Dental Coverage of a Spouse (Working Spouse Rule) form with your regional Human Resources Department.

Changes in Status - Qualifying Events

Employees have 31 days from a qualifying event to notify your regional Human Resources Administrator in writing that you wish to make changes to your health and/or dental coverage. Requested changes must be consistent with the nature of the qualifying event.  For instance, if the qualifying event is the birth or adoption of a child, you may add that child to your coverage, but you may not add your spouse due the same qualifying event – the child is a new member of your family, but your spouse is not.

Some common qualifying events are:  

  Change in employment for employee or his/her spouse that constitutes a change in insurance coverage availability

(This list represents some of the most common qualifying events, but is not intended as a complete list of all possible qualifying events.) See your regional Human Resources Administrator for more information.



Premium Expense

The College pays the majority of the premium expense for health and dental care coverage for you and any eligible dependents you elect to enroll. You pay the remaining portion of the premium expense by payroll deduction. Premiums for each health and dental plan option are available on the College’s website, Ivy Tech Employee Benefits.

Through our Tax Saver Program, you can have your portion of health and/or dental premiums deducted before your taxes are calculated. Before-tax deductions will reduce your taxes by decreasing your taxable income. For more information on Tax Saver, see the chapter entitled Other Benefits.

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