Health and Dental Care Programs


The College provides two health benefit plan options – the Standard Plan, and the Choice Plan. Both plans offer access to a very broad network of providers in Indiana through the Anthem Blue Access PPO network, and out-of-state providers through Anthem’s BlueCard program. Each time you need health care, you decide whether to use providers in the network.  If you decide to use network providers, your benefits will be greater and cost you less out-of-pocket.  If you prefer to go outside the network--to any provider of your choice--you're still protected by the Ivy Tech health care plan you elected, but at a lower benefit level and higher out-of-pocket expense.  Remember that networks change frequently with providers joining and leaving the network throughout the year.  It is your responsibility to confirm whether a specific provider or facility belongs to the Anthem Blue Access PPO Network or the Anthem BlueCard Program before your appointment(s) by clicking on the following link: Anthem Provider Search.  You can also search for a list of providers in your area by using the same link, indicating the type of provider (i.e., hospital, urgent care facility, family practice physician, specialty physician, etc.) and your zip code.

Standard Plan

The Standard Plan covers in-network preventive services at 100%, routine services and prescription drugs with small flat dollar co-pay from you and without you having to meet any portion of the annual deductible.  For some in-network services you are required to meet an annual deductible before the Plan’s 80% coverage is applicable; out-of-pocket costs are low and most preventive care services are covered.

Although the Standard Plan does provide coverage if you use out-of-network providers you must first meet a $10,000 single, or $30,000 family, annual out-of-network deductible before coverage is applicable.  In-network and out-of-network deductibles accumulate separately based upon each provider’s participation in the network.  Therefore, if you want the flexibility to utilize out-of-network providers on a regular basis, one of the plans described below may be the best plan for you.

Choice Plan

The Choice Plan is a consumer-driven, high deductible health plan along with a health savings account (HSA).  This plan empowers you to manage your health and the dollars you spend on your health care. The Choice Plan protects you from major health care expenses, and the HSA component is funded with your pre-tax contributions and contributions from the College to cover out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. Any funds remaining in your HSA at the end of the plan year remain in your account and can build over time to a significant amount for your future health care needs, including health care expenses after you retire.  In addition, when you retire or leave the College you can immediately carry over your HSA balance to a new employer or to your personal accounts.

The Choice Plan covers all in-network preventive services and plan specified preventative medication at 100%. All other in-network services, including prescription medications, require you to meet an annual deductible before the Plan’s 90% coverage is applicable.

All out-of-network services including preventive and prescription drugs require you to meet the annual out-of-network deductible. In the Choice Plan, if you choose a provider in the PPO preferred network, your deductible will be less. If you receive services from a provider not in the preferred network, your deductible will be greater. You have the flexibility to use in-network or out-of-network providers at your discretion, keeping in mind the different benefit levels. Under this plan, your in-network and out-of-network deductibles accumulate separately depending upon the provider's designation as either in- or out-of-network.

Please see the plan summary for each plan to determine specific benefits. All plan summaries can be found on the College’s benefits website, Ivy Tech Employee Benefits or by contacting your regional Human Resources department.  

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