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Full-Time Employee Handbook
Health and Dental Care Programs

When Coverage Ends - Portability and Conversion

Your coverage under Ivy Tech’s health and dental plans ends on the last day of the pay period in which you terminate employment with the College.

However, pursuant to a federal law referred to as "COBRA", if you terminate employment or if your work hours are reduced and you become ineligible, you may continue your current coverage under the Plan at your own expense for up to 18 months. Coverage may also be continued after divorce, legal separation, death, or a child’s loss of eligible dependent status for up to 36 months. Contact your regional Human Resources Department to learn more about this extended benefit.

When you meet the criteria to qualify as an Ivy Tech retiree and you retire, you may elect to continue your health and/or dental coverage through the College. Once you are Medicare-eligible and retired, coverage is also available through the Ivy Tech Group Medicare Supplement Plan which coordinates with Medicare. For more information, please read the section of this handbook entitled, “Health and Dental Benefits after Retirement” or contact your regional Human Resources Administrator


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