Other Core Benefit Programs


It is important that you understand the options available to you through other benefits and insurance when you are disabled. This section discusses some of these other options. For more detailed information, consult the appropriate sections in the Handbook and plan documents from insurance carriers or agencies.

Life Insurance


You need to be aware of the changes that occur in your life insurance eligibility once you begin collecting long-term disability benefits. As a full-time, benefits-eligible employee you are eligible for three types of term life insurance at the College: Basic, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, and Optional (or Supplemental). Once you are collecting long-term disability benefits, you are no longer eligible for Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance. However, you may be eligible to continue your Basic Life and Optional Life Insurance. You will be required to prove disability to the carrier on an annual basis in order to qualify and maintain your life insurance. This extended coverage is available if you become "totally disabled" while you are covered under the College's group LTD insurance plan and you are less than age 60 when your disability begins.  If you are receiving monthly LTD benefits and wish to continue all or any portion of your term life insurance through Ivy Tech’s group plan, you will be billed for the appropriate life insurance premium on a quarterly basis. For additional details on continuation of benefits while receiving LTD benefits, contact your regional Human Resources Administrator 

Social Security Disability Benefits


Social Security will pay disability benefits under certain circumstances.


There is further information on Disability Leave in the chapter entitled "Time Off." If you have any questions about disability benefits or procedures, contact your supervisor or your regional Human Resources Administrator.

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