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Full-Time Employee Handbook
Other Core Benefit Programs

You are the College’s most valuable asset. That is why Ivy Tech offers health programs to help you and your family maintain good health. Your good heath contributes to the quality of your work, and it can keep healthcare costs down for both you and the College.


Preventative Services - All in-network preventive services are paid at 100%, regardless of which Plan you choose. Your physician must code the office visit or service as preventive to assure that you do not have an office copay. Examples of preventive services include:

  • Well-baby visits and screenings
  • Annual wellness exams and screenings
  • Pelvic exam and Pap test
  • Colonoscopy
24/7 NurseLine - As part of our health plan services, Anthem provides medical information by phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through 24/7 NurseLine. When you need medical resources or are unsure whether to call your doctor, call 24/7 NurseLine. 24/7 NurseLine provides over 200 taped messages concerning illness, treatments, drugs and medical tests and procedures.
ConditionCare - If you or a dependent suffers from a chronic medical condition, Anthem’s voluntary ConditionCare program can help. ConditionCare nurses help people of all ages manage the symptoms of chronic conditions such as asthma and diabetes. They work closely with adults who are dealing with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), heart failure and coronary artery disease.
Future Moms - Having a baby is one of life’s biggest moments. Anthem’s Future Moms is a voluntary program designed to help you through the process. Future Moms is staffed by registered nurses who specialize in caring for expectant mothers. Your Future Moms Nurse Coach will work with you and your doctor to identify any potential risks. They will also provide information and support to help you make healthy choices throughout your entire pregnancy.
Castlight - All of us want high-quality health care at affordable prices. In September 2013, we were excited to announce the launch of Castlight, a new healthcare consumer tool that provides you with the tools and resources you need to find a high-quality doctor or facility at an affordable price at no additional cost to you! Castlight makes it easy to compare your options on price, quality, and convenience so you can truly become a healthcare consumer.

For more details about the programs available, please visit the Ivy Tech Benefits website.

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