Retirement Programs


Ivy Tech is pleased to provide you with a retirement benefit to supplement your retirement income. No one source of income by itself is likely to be sufficient for your retirement needs at retirement. The income from your Ivy Tech retirement plan will add to the income you will receive from Social Security, retirement plan income from other employers, and any other investments you may hold. The College’s tax-deferred 403(b) Retirement Annuity Plan (RA Plan) offers you many advantages in comparison to utilizing a typical savings account. With the RA Plan, the money contributed on your behalf by the College is not taxed until you begin making withdrawals at retirement. Additionally, the interest you earn on the money in your account grows without being taxed, so the total grows much quicker than it would without this advantage.

For more details about Plan eligibility and your options, including the Summary Plan Descriptions, please visit the Ivy Tech Employee Benefits website at