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Full-Time Employee Handbook
Survivor Benefits

Benefits-eligible employees are covered by the College’s Accidental Death and Dismemberment Policy on the date they start employment. The College pays the premium for this protection. If your death is accidental, or if you suffer certain kinds of dismemberment or loss of sight, you or your beneficiary will be entitled to a benefit. Benefits are paid according to the schedule below. For a more detailed explanation of the benefits under this policy, please consult the applicable handbook or certificate of coverage.

Benefits will not be paid for losses resulting from disease, medical or surgical treatment for disease, infections, suicide or attempted suicide, mental or physical infirmity, acts of war, or attempted commission or commission of a felony.

For loss of: Benefit Amount
Life Equal to Basic Life Benefit, paid to your beneficiary
Both hands or both feet or sight of both eyes Equal to Basic Life Benefit, paid to you
Any combination of foot, hand, or sight of one eye Equal to Basic Life Benefit, paid to you
One hand, one foot, or sight of one eye 50% Basic Life Benefit, paid to you

* Other benefits are as provided in the policy.


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