Time Off


The College does not observe certain legal holidays available to other State Agencies. Therefore, the College gives Benefits-eligible Regular Faculty up to three (3) faculty release days during the nine (9) month academic year. Regular Faculty members with an extended summer contract receive up to one (1) Faculty Release Day for the summer term.

Faculty Release Days can be taken one (1) at a time or together anytime during the contract appointment with prior approval. Faculty release days may be taken in four (4) hour or eight (8) hour increments (or appropriate pro-ration for faculty who work less than 100% FTE). Four (4) hours for any day in which any faculty obligation is missed or eight (8) hours for any day in which all faculty obligations are missed. They cannot be carried forward to the next appointment. Upon terminating from the College, a Regular Faculty member cannot be paid for any unused Faculty Release Days nor may the termination date be extended to include accrued and unused faculty release days. A faculty release day may be used if the termination date is during or at the end of an approved medical or family leave where use of faculty release days is appropriate. Otherwise, your termination date is always the last day worked.

Regular Faculty members must receive approval from their supervisor when scheduling Faculty Release Days. Requesting approval as far in advance as possible will help avoid scheduling problems.

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