Time Off


The College provides you, as a Benefits-eligible employee, the accumulation of Sick Leave Allowance that enables you to have paid time off to care for your health and the health of your immediate family.

Accrual of Sick Leave Allowance

  Benefits-eligible hourly employees accrue 3.7 hours of sick leave per pay period and administrative staff, administrative faculty, and regular faculty employees accrue 4.0 hours per pay period beginning with the first day of employment. A maximum of 1,056 hours of sick leave may be accrued. Upon accruing the maximum sick leave allowance, you will not accrue additional sick leave until some of the accrued sick time is used. You must be in pay status at least 50% of the pay period to receive the sick leave allowance.
  Benefits-eligible employees who work less than 100% time will accrue sick leave allowance at the rate proportionate to their employment percentage.
  If you are on an approved leave of absence without pay, you will retain the accrued but unused sick leave allowance. However, you will not accrue any additional sick leave allowance time during your leave of absence.

Use of Sick Leave Allowance

  Sick leave allowance for support staff employees is claimed in fifteen (15) minute increments on the Payroll Certification Form (PCF).
  Sick leave allowance for administrative staff and administrative faculty is claimed in one (1) hour increments on the PCF.
  Sick leave allowance for regular faculty is claimed in four (4) hour or eight (8) hour increments (or appropriate pro-ration for faculty who work less than 100% FTE) on the PCF. Four (4) hours must be claimed for any day in which any faculty obligations are missed. Eight (8) hours must be claimed for any day in which all faculty obligations are missed.
  Time off without pay may not be substituted for use of available accrued sick time.
  If you have previously accrued sick leave allowance time as a benefits-eligible employee, you may use that accrued sick time if you become a part-time or temporary employee on the administrative, faculty or support staff payrolls, provided there is no break in service.
  Sick leave allowance may be used for personal illness, accident, disability, and/or medical and dental appointments or an illness or accident within your immediate family (see below).
  You have the responsibility to notify your supervisor of a request to use sick leave allowance. Whenever possible, your supervisor should be notified within one (1) hour of the beginning of the work shift; regular faculty should notify the Dean, Chairperson or designee at least two (2) hours in advance of a scheduled class to allow time to obtain a replacement.
  You may be asked by your supervisor to provide a statement from a physician. Employees who appear to be abusing the sick leave allowance benefits may be disciplined.
  Your termination date may not be extended to include accrued and unused sick time unless you are terminating employment during or at the end of an approved medical or family leave where use of sick leave is appropriate. Otherwise, your termination date is always the last day worked.

Leaves of Absence

  Periods of illness or disability that require absence from work for more than two (2) weeks either continuously or on an intermittent or reduced schedule require a leave of absence. Refer to the Family and Medial Leave Act Policy and Other Leaves of Absence for details. Contact your Human Resources department for clarification and required paperwork.

Sick Leave Buy Back

  A portion of your accrued sick leave is payable at termination if you qualify for the sick leave buy back program. This program provides each benefits-eligible employee a benefit payment equal to 50% of the employee’s first one-hundred (100) days of leave accrual balance. To be eligible for this payment an employee must be at least fifty-five (55) years old and continuous benefits-eligible years of service plus age must equal seventy-five (75) or more. There is no maximum age limit. Payment of this benefit will be made on the final payroll check. Please contact your Human Resources department to verify eligibility and complete necessary forms.


Family Illness/Accidents

  As a Benefits-eligible employee, you may use your accumulated sick leave allowance for short term illness of immediate family members, including doctor visits. Short term is defined as ten (10) working days or less in duration or continuation. These ten (10) working days are cumulative for all family member illnesses and are tracked on a calendar year basis. If you are approved for family medical leave you may use an additional ten (10) working days of sick leave allowance as applicable by policy. A doctor's statement may be requested to document illness for absence. Periods of illness or disability that require absence from work for more than ten (10) working days either continuously or on an intermittent or reduced schedule may require a leave of absence. Refer to the Family and Medical Leave Act policy and Other Leaves in this handbook for details. Immediate family members include your spouse, children, stepchildren, adopted/foster children, parents, stepparents, brother, sister, grandparents, grandchildren, parents-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, or other relative or dependent living in your home or any individual for whom you have legal responsibility. It is your responsibility to monitor the proper use of sick leave allowance for illness and accidents occurring in your immediate family. Family illness/accident sick leave allowance is claimed in the manner and multiples as regular sick leave allowance.
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