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Full-Time Employee Handbook
Time Off

As a benefits-eligible administrative or support staff employee or administrative faculty, you accrue vacation days from the date you begin benefits-eligible employment. Requests to take vacation time must be approved in advance by your supervisor. Benefits-eligible regular faculty do not earn vacation time. However, two (2) years of continuous benefits-eligible regular faculty service will count as creditable service toward the two (2) year vacation rate change if a benefits-eligible regular faculty member becomes a benefits-eligible administrative or support staff employee or administrative faculty and no break in service has occurred.

The rate of vacation accrual is based on your employment status and length of service, as follows:

  Less Than Two
Years Of
Benefits-Eligible Service
More Than Two
Years Of
Benefits-Eligible Service
Support Staff

5.04 hours per pay
(16 days per year)

Maximum 25 Days

5.96 hours per pay
(19 days per year)

Maximum 29.5 Days

Administrative Staff

6.34 hours per pay
(19 days per year)

Maximum 29.5 Days

8.68 hours per pay
(26 days per year)

Maximum 40 Days

Benefits-eligible administrative or support staff members or administrative faculty who work less than 100% time will accrue vacation at a rate proportionate with their employment appointment.

The maximum vacation an administrative or support staff member or administrative faculty may accumulate is listed in the chart above. Upon accruing the maximum number of days, you will earn no more additional vacation accrual until some of the earned vacation is used.

You must be in pay status at least 50% of the pay period to receive the vacation accrual for that pay period.

Exception to the Vacation Accrual Maximum

  The College recognizes there may be an extraordinary circumstance or situation beyond an employee's control that prevents the employee from taking accrued vacation leave. This can result in an employee who has reached the maximum vacation accrual losing additional accrued time. Examples of situations when this may occur could be due to a lack of adequate staffing when a co-worker is on a leave of absence or when there is additional sustained workload in the department or special project assignments. The State Board of Trustees, upon hearing this, has approved a policy to allow for an exception to the vacation accrual maximum due to extraordinary circumstances or other meritorious reason. The provisions of this policy are as follows:
  An employee who has met the maximum vacation accrual or is within two (2) pay periods of reaching the maximum AND experiences an extraordinary circumstance that prevent them from taking accrued vacation leave may request a policy exception to the vacation accrual maximum.
  When approved, the College will provide for vacation accrual over the allowable maximum on a pay period basis for the approved length of the exception approval. No more than two (2) exception requests may be granted within a year commencing from the date of the first request. Vacation accrual earned over the allowable maximum must be used within six (6) months of the accrual period. No carry over of unused vacation will be allowed nor will there be any payout of unused vacation that exceeds the maximum. Unused vacation accrual over the maximum will be forfeited if not taken within the allotted six (6) month period.
  The Request for Exception to Vacation Accrual Maximum form must be completed by the employee, supported by the employee's supervisor, and approved by the Human Resources Administrator and Vice President or Chancellor. The request must include a narrative of clear and convincing evidence to support the request. A review date will be established and should occur fifteen (15) calendar days prior to the end date of the exception request to determine whether an extension of the request should be made. All requests are to be sent to the Executive Director of Human Resources at Central Office who will review the request and forward to the President for final approval.
  Once approved, it will be the responsibility of the employee's supervisor and Human Resources Administrator to maintain accurate detailed records of the amount of vacation accrual allowed and used under the exception.

Use of Vacation Time Procedure

  Vacation time for Support staff employees is claimed in fifteen (15) minute multiples on the Payroll Certification Form (PCF).
  Vacation time for Administrative and Administrative Faculty employees is claimed in one (1) hour increments on the PCF.
  Time off without pay may not be substituted for use of available accrued vacation time, except for those employees on military leave of absence.

If you have previously accrued vacation time as a benefits-eligible employee, you may claim that accrued vacation time if you become a part-time or temporary employee on the Administrative or Support staff payrolls, provided there is no break in service. Administrative or support staff members who become regular faculty are paid out their vacation pay at the time they change employee groups.

Terminal Vacation Pay Procedure

  Accrued vacation time will remain on your employment record until it is reported as taken or until you terminate employment.
  If you terminate employment, you are entitled to payment for the unused balance of your accrued vacation time providing adequate notice is given and other financial obligations to the College are settled. Payment for unused vacation time accrued at other than the time of termination is not allowable, except in the case of your changing employment status (see above).
  Your termination date may not be extended to include accrued and unused vacation time unless you are terminating employment during or at the end of an approved medical or family leave where use of vacation time is appropriate. Otherwise, your termination date is always the last day worked.
  Payment for accrued and unused vacation time at termination may be included in your last regular earnings check, if possible. Otherwise you will receive your final pay on the next regular pay date.

You must receive approval from your supervisor when scheduling vacation time. Requesting approval as far in advance as possible will help avoid scheduling problems.

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