Ivy Tech Community College

TO: All Full-Time Employees    
DATE: February, 2011    
FROM: Julie Lorton-Rowland    
  Executive Director of Human Resources
Office of the President
RE: Update to the Full-Time Employee Handbook

Below is a summary of updates made to the Full-Time Employee Handbook. Included are significant updates to the previously communicated changes to employee benefits offered by the College, recent changes to the educational support policy for Western Governor’s University and various other changes summarized below. We have provided a direct link in this summary to the updated section.  Please be sure to review the updates carefully.

The College’s Benefits Website has also been recently updated to reflect the changes addressed in the handbook. Please visit the site at Ivy Tech Employee Benefits for additional information, forms, direct links to vendor sites and more.

Personnel Policies and Procedures
    Employment at the College    
      Employee Categories    
        Faculty   Updated policy to include twelve month faculty.
        Faculty Classification Criteria   Updated the educational and teaching experience requirements.
General College Operations
    Standard of Conduct    
      Employee Authored Texts   Added new policy to address employee authored texts.
Health and Dental Care Programs
    Health Care Plans   Description updated and link to search network of providers added.
      Choice Plan   New plan information.
    Dental Care Plans    
      Dental PPO Plan   Updated to include expansion of Dental PPO Plan Network and provide link to search network of providers.
DMO Plan
  Updated vendor name and link to search network of providers added.
    Eligibility and Expense    
      Employee Eligibility   Section added to define eligible employee categories.
      Dependent Children   Section added to reference changes in coverage for dependent children.
      Working Spouse Rule   Section added to reference spouse's eligibility in health and/ or dental plans.
      Changes in Status -
Qualifying Event
  Section added to advise employees on when changes can be made to health and/or dental coverage outside of the annual open enrollment period.
      Premium Expense   Section added to provide information on health and dental care premiums.
      Electing Cobra Coverage   Section added to provide information on COBRA and electing coverage under COBRA.
    HIPAA   Added statement to include the College's committment to the privacy and confidentiality of protected health information (PHI).
    Health and Dental
Benefits after Retirement
      Option 2 - The 75-Plan
Retiree Program
  Language added to address availability to those continuously employed in full-time, benefits-eligible positions on or prior to December 31, 2008.
Other Core Benefit Programs   New section to condense information from other parts of the handbook.
    Group Term Life Insurance    
      Basic Life Insurance   Increase in the maximum benefit available from $150,000 to $500,000.
      Optional Life Insurance   Increase in the maximum benefit available from $350,000 to $500,000 under guarantee issue. Evidence of Insurability required for coverage levels between $500,000 to $700,000.

Benefit Reduction at
Age 70 and Age 75

  Added language to advise of 35% reduction in benefits at age 70 and a 50% reduction in benefits at age 75.
      Beneficiary Designation   Added language to remind employees to check beneficiary information on an annual basis.

When Coverage Ends -
Portability and Conversion

  Updated language to provide distinction between portability and conversion.
    Group Long-Term Disability Insurance
      Eligibility   Revised language pertaining to eligibility.
      Cost   Clarified cost-sharing between the employee and the College.
      Qualifying for a Benefit   Clarified language pertaining to qualifying for benefits. Language pertaining to Total Disability has been changed from 39 months to 36 months.
      Benefit Payments   Added language to convey increase in monthly benefit from $4,000 to $6,000 and address changes to reduction in benefits when combined with other income for first 12 months of disability. Link provided for LTD Insurance Certificate containing details.
      When Coverage Ends   Expanded language on when coverage ends. Link provided for LTD Insurance Certificate containing details.

Workers Compensation Disability Benefits

      Reporting Accidents   Added statement that claim form can be found in Employee Services tab of Campus Connect.
      Compensation   Added language to address compensation of seven day waiting period if injury requires you to be off 21 days or more.
      Returning to Work   Added language stating Family Medical Leave (FML) runs concurrent with time off related to injuries approved under Worker's Compensation.
    Other Disability Information   Section moved.
      Life Insurance   Language added to address qualifying disability annually with carrier to maintain Basic and Optional Life Insurance.
    Tax Saver Program   Section moved.
    Flexible Spending Accounts   Section moved. Language added to include Limited Purpose Flexible Spending Account and convey changes in availability to use money for over-the-counter medications after January 1, 2011.
    HealthSmart Wellness Program   Section moved.
    Employee Assistance Program   Section moved.
    Educational Support   Section moved. Policy updated to include Western Governors University.
    Service Awards Program   Section moved.
    Annual Employee
Benefits Statement
  Section moved.
    Credit Union Membership   Section moved.
Voluntary Benefits   New section.
    Vision Insurance   New plan information added.
    Identity Theft Protection   New plan information added.
    Short Term Disability Insurance   New plan information added.
    Whole Life Insurance   New plan information added.
    Critical Illness/Cancer Insurance   New plan information added.
    Accident Insurance   New plan information added.
    Long Term Care Insurance   Section moved.
Retirement Programs    
    PERF Retirement Plan  

Language expanded and link to PERF Retirement Calculator added.

      Eligibility   Some language changes.
      Contributions   Language added to define "employee's contribution" and the Annuity Savings Account.
    Ivy Tech Retirement Annuity (RA) Plan
      Contributions   Language added to include annual open enrollment for vendor receiving future contributions.
      Leaving Employment with
the College
  Language added to emphasize an employee must leave part-time and adjunct assignments, in addition to full-time, benefits-eligible position to receive contributions and earnings.
      Additional Information  

Added reference to availability of Summary Plan Descriptions at Ivy Tech Employee Benefits.

    Tax Deferred Voluntary Retirement Plans
      Contributions   Section updated to remove reference to the Hold Harmless Agreement. Employee may change reduction once per calendar year.
      Investments   Language added to clarify direction of investments.
      Additional Information  

Added reference to availability of Summary Plan Descriptions at Ivy Tech Employee Benefits.

    Other Retiree Programs    
      Medicare   Language added to state College's prescription coverage provided under group health plan is considered Part D creditable coverage.
All Sections   Benefits-eligible changed to reflect full-time, benefits eligible.
If you have any questions about these changes, please contact your regional Human Resources Administrator.