The College offers a Limited Medical Insurance Program for adjunct faculty and part-time employees who are not eligible for the full-time Ivy Tech benefit plan. 


If you are an adjunct faculty member who does not also have a full-time appointment with Ivy Tech, or you are a part time (less than 80%) hourly or administrative employee, you may purchase this plan to cover you, your spouse and your eligible dependent children.



You may enroll yourself and your eligible dependents within 31 days once you become eligible, or during an open enrollment period.  You need not wait for an open enrollment period if you have a qualified life status change.  Coverage becomes effective on the first day of the month following your completion and return to your regional Human Resources Department of the appropriate paperwork, and the regional Human Resources Department’s verification of your eligibility



100% of the premium expense for this plan is paid by the employee, with no portion being paid by the College.  Premiums are payable directly to the insurance carrier and may not be paid through payroll deduction.


Coverage Basics

  90% of claims incurred are between $1 and $3,500
  Covers all State Mandates
  10,000 Accidental Death Coverage
  No Medical Underwriting – Guarantee Issue
  Vision Discount Program – National Vision Administrators
  Freedom of Choice of Physician or Hospital with Sagamore Health Network in Indiana
  Covers inpatient charges, outpatient charges, prescription drugs and durable medical equipment
  Covered employees and dependents can have name brand or generic drugs at the same reimbursement level
  6/12 Pre-Existing Conditions clause – does not apply to Pregnancy
  HIPAA certificates can eliminate the pre-existing clause

Please see your regional Human Resources Department for additional information regarding the Limited Medical Insurance Program and for enrollment materials.