Message from the College President


To Faculty and Staff:

It is an honor to serve as the president of Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana. I wish to first thank you for your support that has helped Ivy Tech become the largest statewide community college system of its kind in the country. You help touch lives of over 105,000 students a year.

We are proud of our past accomplishments and eagerly look forward to new challenges. Ivy Tech employees have a unique sense of teamwork. Together our faculty and staff provide Hoosiers with opportunities for quality training and education - education which enhances the economic development and growth of Indiana. I often tell people that we are in the talent creation business - we are creating the talent that our great state will continue to need to be successful now, and into the future.

Sometimes in the busy routine of day-to-day activities, you may forget that value of your contribution to the goals and mission of the College. At such a time, I would urge you to take a moment to talk with a student, look into a classroom, or listen carefully as a faculty member discusses a graduate's success. Any one of these experiences will renew your enthusiasm. You will be reminded that daily your work is helping to make individual students' dreams come true and changing the lives of thousands of people a year. That is the kind of work of which we can all be proud. Thank you for your individual contributions to accomplishing our mission.

Thomas J. Snyder

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