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Part-Time Employee Handbook
Updates to this Handbook
TO: All Part-Time Employees    
DATE: December, 2001    
FROM: Julie Lorton-Rowland    
  Director of Human Resources, Central Office  
RE: Updates to the Part-Time Employee Handbook  
Below is a summary list of updates made to the Part-Time Employee Handbook. We have established direct links from this summary to the section in the handbook so you can go directly to that policy or procedure. Please be sure to review the updates carefully so you are fully aware of the changes that have occurred. If you have any questions, please contact your local Human Resources Office.
Introduction to Handbook Added reference to include active and retired employees.
Introduction   Added reference to notification of updates to the handbook.
Policies and Procedures    
Employment at the College    
    Prohibition Against Harassment
      Corrective Action   Clarified language stating violation of policy has occurred.
    Employee Categories    
      Employee Group   Changed references from salaried to exempt and hourly to non-exempt
      Type of Employment   Added procedures to allow adjunct faculty to teach 24 or less contact hours per week per semester for summer only due to the compressed term. They remain non benefits-eligible.
      Classification Criteria   Removed terms salaried and hourly
      Faculty Classification   Added statement under Faculty Classification stating administrative chair stipends are not part of the faculty base salary.
      Leaving the College   Under resignations changed language requesting adequate notice be given and last day of employment must be a worked day unless on leave of absence.
General College Operations    
    Quality of Work Life   If harassment is experienced or observed, it is to be reported to someone in management immediately. Deleted direct reference to the Affirmative Action Officer or Human Resources Director.
    Disciplinary Procedures   Added statement regarding procedures for employees on probation.
    Gross Misconduct   Added examples of gross misconduct to include material omission and violation of the College's policy against harassment.
    Employee Complaints or Grievances
      Mediation   Established timeline for grievant to respond to mediation resolution
      Absence or Lateness   Notification of absence or lateness to be reported within one hour "before the beginning" of the work day.
    Closing of College Facilities   Added procedures for non-emergency closing of college facilities.
Safety at the College   Replaced Safety Compliance Guide with Emergency Response Guide.

Safety and Violence

  Added Safety and Violence Prevention Notice
Military Leave   Added military leave policy to coincide with the Uniformed Services Employment and Re-Employment Rights Act (USERRA).
All Sections
  Made title change from Director to Executive Director of Human Resources where appropriate.
If you have any questions about these changes, please contact your regional Executive Director of Human Resources.
This is the most current version of the handbook.
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