Updates to this Handbook


TO: All Part-Time Employees    
DATE: December, 2004    
FROM: Julie Lorton-Rowland    
  Executive Director of Human Resources, Central Office
RE: Update to the Part-Time Employee Handbook
Below is a summary of the updates made to the Part-Time Employee Handbook. Direct links have been established from this summary to the sections in the handbook to provide you easy access to the updates. Please be sure to review the updates carefully so you are fully aware of the changes in policy.
Worker's Compensation    
    Reporting Accidents   Added language to state that the filing of a claim does not guarantee compensability.
    Medical Care   Clarified policy with regard to the right of the College's insurance carrier to direct injured employees to certain designated facilities for medical care and that reimbursement for medical care may be denied if an employee does not seek care from a designated facility or does not follow the proper procedures.
    Reporting Time Off
for Treatment
  Added paragraph to explain the College's policy regarding use of accumulated leave time for attending follow-up medical treatment appointments for a worker's compensation injury (as applicable).
    Compensation   Revised language to state that available accrued sick leave must be used during the seven day waiting period of a worker's compensation injury if the employee is unable to return to work following the injury (as applicable).
          Clarified policy with regard to payment options once the worker's compensation insurance carrier begins paying compensation for lost wages.
Tax-Deferred Voluntary Plans
    All Sections   Added language to reflect option of directing contributions to AUL, in addition to the existing option of TIAA-CREF, and availability of the 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan.
    Contributions   Revised language to state amended minimum contribution amount of $200 annually.
    Additional Information   Added reference information for AUL's and TIAA-CREF's website addresses and member services phone centers.
If you have any questions about these changes, please contact your regional Human Resources staff.