Updates to this Handbook


TO: All Part-Time Employees    
DATE: May, 2005    
FROM: Julie Lorton-Rowland    
  Executive Director of Human Resources, Central Office
RE: Update to the Part-Time Employee Handbook
Below is a summary of the updates made to the Part-time Employee Handbook. Direct links have been established from this summary to the sections in the handbook to provide you easy access to the updates. Please be sure to review the updates carefully so you are fully aware of the changes in policy.
Personnel Policies and Procedures
Employment at the College
  Equal Employment
Affirmative Action Policy
  Updated non-discrimination categories
to include gender and sexual orientation.
  Prohibition Against
Harassment - Policy and
Complaint Procedure
  Updated non-harassment categories to also include creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and physical or mental disability.
          Removed reference to Vincennes University.
  Sexual Harassment   Updated policy to include electronic distribution and displaying or circulating materials of a sexual nature as examples of sexual harassment.
  Reporting and
Complaint Procedure
  Clarified policy to state employees are encouraged to report inappropriate behavior, not just suspected harassment.
New Employees
  Probationary Period   Clarification made to policy that the 90 working day probationary period affects all newly hired benefits-eligible administrative and support staff employees. Newly hired full-time faculty members have a probationary period that extends through the first full semester of employment.
Employee Categories
  Employee Group/
Type of Employment
  The two sections were consolidated into one section that describes the three employee categories; Faculty, Support, or Administrative as either benefits-eligible or non-benefits eligible.
          Faculty descriptions include brief statement of responsibilities and obligations. Details are outlined in the Faculty Loading Guidelines; APPM Section 3.7.
          Added policy regarding rehired employees who seek status as an independent contractor.
  New section that describes the current college procedure.
  Volunteers   New section that describes the current college procedure.
Classification Criteria    
  Exempt (Administrative)
  Expanded descriptions for each classification level to include education requirements and typical responsibilities.
          Added description for unclassified exempt employees.
  Non-Exempt (Support)
  Expanded descriptions for each classification level to include education requirements and typical responsibilities.
Administrative and Support
Staff Credentials
  Updated policy to state that required degrees are to be completed at regionally accredited institutions and only degrees awarded from regionally accredited institutions may be utilized in the course of college employment.
Faculty Credentials   Updated policy to state that required degrees are to be completed at regionally accredited institutions and only degrees awarded from regionally accredited institutions may be utilized in the course of college employment.
Job Vacancy Board   Updated policy to include electronic postings as a vehicle to disseminate information regarding College openings.
          Benefits-eligible support staff vacancies will be posted for (5) five working days now instead of (3) three working days.
          Amended policy to state when the College Administration initiates a transfer of an employee to a vacant position of equal or lesser classification, a posting of the vacant position on the College's job vacancy board is not required.
General College Operations
Quality of Work Life for
You and Others
  Expanded types of prejudice to include national origin, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability.
Standards of Conduct    
  Gifts or Favored
  This section was deleted and is now included in the conflict of interest section.
  Confidentiality   Updated policy to include protection by federal laws such as FERPA, FMLA, and HIPPA and added the data classification standards for release of information or data about employees, students, or the College.
  Political Activities   Amended policy to state the listed political activities are unacceptable and will result in disciplinary action up to termination.
  Conflicts of Interest   Adopted the conflict of interest policy as stated in the Financial Management Manual (FMM) that includes a detailed policy, exceptions, standards for compliance, and specific practices not permitted.
  College Assets and
Personal Business
  Updated policy to state personal e-mail or non-business use of the Internet should be kept to a minimum.
  Disciplinary Procedures   Updated policy that states disciplinary procedures are applicable to all full-time benefits eligible employees. Non-benefits eligible employees may be terminated without formal disciplinary action being taken with prior approval by the Human Resources Administrator. Termination actions for full-time benefits-eligible employees must be approved, in advance, by the Vice President and General Counsel's office .
  Gross Misconduct   Changed language to read that "conviction" of a serious misdemeanor or any felony is grounds for termination under gross misconduct.
Additional Personnel
  Removed introductory paragraph.
  Professional Memberships   Adopted the professional membership policy as stated in the FMM that describes exceptions of when the College will pay for personal membership in professional organizations.
  Performance Evaluations   Section added to explain how performance evaluations are handled.
  Absence or Lateness   Updated to state it is important that all College employees maintain a satisfactory attendance record. A record of poor attendance may result in disciplinary action.
  Direct Deposit   Removed reference to exceptions for the Workforce Development Summer Youth Program.
Safety at the College   Policy was expanded to explain is each employee's responsibility to help keep the College a safe workplace.
  Emergency Response
  Section added to explain where the emergency response guide can be obtained and what the procedures are for emergencies such as fire, tornado, severe thunderstorms, etc..
  Safety and Violence
Prevention Notice
  Updated to state individuals who express violent words or behaviors should be referred to the Dean of Student Affairs or the Human Resources Administrator.
Computer Resource Policy    
Acceptable Use of College Computer Resources
  Harassment and

  Expanded types of harassment or discrimination to include gender and sexual orientation.
General Computer
Resources Policy
  Introductory paragraph changed to state that all college departments have responsibility for providing and maintaining shared computing resources.
  Privacy   Added statement that a review of college owned or leased computer resources must be authorized by regional or central office administration prior to the review.
Employee Computing Policies
  Incident Handling   Added the College Information Security department as one of the contacts when suspected breaches of security of our systems occurs.
All Sections   Replaced Executive Director of Human Resources with Human Resources Administrator and general formatting and consistencies were applied.
If you have any questions about these changes, please contact your regional Human Resources Administrator.