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Part-Time Employee Handbook
Updates to this Handbook
TO: All Part-Time Employees    
DATE: November 2002    
FROM: Julie Lorton-Rowland    
  Director of Human Resources, Central Office
RE: Updates to the Part-time Employee Handbook
Below is a summary list of updates made to the Part-time Employee Handbook. We have established direct links from this summary to the section in the handbook so you can go directly to that policy or procedure. Please be sure to review the updates carefully so you are fully aware of the changes that have occurred. If you have any questions, please contact your regional Human Resources Office.
Policies and Procedures
General College Operations
      Direct Deposit   Due to Code of Regulations work study students were added as an additional exception to the direct deposit requirement.
Safety at the College    
    College Aids and Education Prevention
      Universal Precautions Information Center For Disease Control   Removed the exposure report form from the list of information to be given to employees - no longer required as worker's compensation forms are now completed if an exposure occurs.
      Availability of HIV Testing   Revised language to state employees who have documented College-related exposure will follow established workers compensation reporting requirements and be referred to appropriate counseling designed to assess the need for HIV testing.
If you have any questions about these changes, please contact your regional Executive Director of Human Resources.





This is the most current version of the handbook.
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